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You can teach practically anything to the CharityHowTo community!

We welcome your area of expertise and passion on any topic to help nonprofit professionals succeed! You can teach anything from: fundraising, website design, popular online platforms, photo editing, time management, human resources, marketing, and long as you are deeply passionate and an expert, we welcome you!

Why Teach at CharityHowTo?

  1. Get paid to teach to the nonprofit community.
  2. Be a part of a community of thousands of nonprofit professionals.
  3. Get paid to teach live training webinars or online video tutorials.
  4. The courses you create help to make the world a better place.
  5. You can reach the thousands of nonprofit professionals who are a part of the CharityHowTo community with your expertise.

Basic Requirements to Teach at CharityHowTo

You Must be a Deep Expert in the Area You are Teaching 

  • Our experts have years of in-the-trenches experience, so they can offer the best information on their topic to students of their course.

Practical/Tactical Teaching

  • Your presentation should be extremely tactical and include step-by-step “How-To” information.
No Self Promotion
  • Your course should not advertise your services or resources. Do not sell or pitch anything.
  • We will link to your website and social channels in your author bio, but ask that you do not self promote during your course.

See what CharityHowTo experts have to say about their experience with CharityHowTo:

I was introduced to CharityHowTo by a friend consultant in 2015. Until then I had never even thought of doing webinars. Boy, that has really catapulted my consulting business and even more specifically my name recognition to the next level. Numerous times nonprofits contacted me, referring to the webinars I did for CHT. When the pandemic happened, because of the interactive webinars I had taught for CHT, pivoting to doing more virtual training was no problem at all. The CHT webinars are fun to teach, but they also keep me on my toes to always working towards becoming a better presenter, both virtually and in-person. I’m truly grateful to CHT for the impact they’ve had on becoming one of the top industry leaders and presenters in Monthly Giving and Direct Mail.”
Erica Waasdorp

“The problem I was having before I started facilitating for CharityHowTo engaging new coaching clients and establishing my online credibility as a nonprofit expert. I had partnered with another platform, but their reach was not that expansive. Once I began partnering with CharityHowTo I notice an uptick in my newsletter signups and social media engagement. I realized that this was a great win/win partnership when potential clients reach out and said I heard your training on CharityHowTo and it motivated me to reach out to you. I recommend facilitating with CharityHowTo because they are 1. Easy to work with 2. Are innovative in their approach to working with consultants. It’s not just a what is in it for me mentality and 3. They have an expansive client list who trust their content and by extension they are lending their creditability to you as a consultant."
Sabrina Walker-Hernandez